Whisky Review: Signatory Vintage Glenlivet 1981 Aged 36 Years Cask Hand Picked by The Whisky Exchange

Style: Sherry, Spicy and Oaky


Begins with a pleasing dark fruits aroma then we running up a steep ginger slope. Orange drop, chocolate malt, red liquorice scattering around. Barley swimming in molten brown sugar and red cherries. Ginger backbone stays strong. Rich, round and spicy.


Dark fruits in abundance at the forefront, purple grapes, black currants with a touch of oily grapefruits to give a slight citrus bitterness. Orange candy, the spice continues to strike a ginger tone. Cherry pie, building upon a peppermint stack, generous pencil shavings and saw dust forming a solid line. Sherry fruits give the malt a lot of depth. Oak walks in comfortably towards the end, nice.


Almond biscuits, goji berries and strawberry jam gently trickles down, mellow malt humming softly, delicious.


Another beautiful Glenlivet we have here. I have tried sherry cask finished Glenlivet with similar specs before, but they were less memorable than this one. The integration feels more complete and comfortable – feels more “natural” if you know what I mean. The sherry, the ginger, the oak combine to great effort and this is what a well-matured Glenlivet is about.

☆☆[Highly Recommended]

[47.6% | Independent Bottling | 1981 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Single Cask | Cask Strength | Non Coloured | Cask Number: 12 | 702 Bottles | Finish Period 76 months in a Sherry Butt | **]