Whisky Review: Signatory Vintage Mosstowie 1979 Aged 37 Years Exclusively chosen by Shinanoya, Tokyo, Japan

Style: Sweet, Vibrant and Delicate


A fresh, vibrant grassy theme developing over a rich layer of creamy honey wax, exceptionally clean and fragrant. Bamboo leaves lightly steamed, linseed oil and a touch of lavender essence applied to give more herbal elements into the aroma. Black pepper emitting the perfect heat; mango drops, rose petals showing some beautiful overripe sweetness; rounded off with a light, mineral tone. Such a wonderful nose, full marks.


The maltiness switches gears and becomes the heartbeat of the expression. Herbal signatures circling around the core, honey vanilla rolled into sheets and inserted in between. Overripe tropical fruits and melons sweetness flashing while bamboo leaves, pine nuts delivering a rich texture and oiliness. Fresh-cut grass gradually stacking up, dry barley begins to emerge towards the end.


More barley-driven now, followed by grassy overtone together with some honeydew and honey wax in for a final hurrah.


Definitely the best Mosstowie I have the pleasure to try so far. The bright grassy tone has created a positive opening showing plenty of energy, while overripe sweetness within showing incredible composure which can only crafted by time. Zero wrinkles, pure elegance – a vibrant expression which tells a beautiful tale of time. Very very close to 3 stars.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[45.2% | Independent Bottling | 1979 Distilled | 2017 Bottled | 160 Bottles | Single Cask | Cask Strength | Matured in a Bourbon Barrel | **+]