Whisky Review: Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary Glenlossie 1984 Aged 33 Years

Style: Fragrant, Fruity and Spicy


Powerful attack from spirit spice. High level of peppermint locking up some wonderfully stewed red fruits, hmmm, this one needs to breathe. Once it opens up, cherry pie, red currants, la Perruche sugar cubes, lemon tea blossoming with beautiful fragrance and not cloying at all. Prickly chilli heat at every step of the way, minimal vanilla for a tiny bit of creaminess, strawberry and assorted summer berries finding their way once the heat gradually regress. Hot as it might be, but it is all sweet, syrupy and fragrant.


The rich sweetness continues to ride on the powerful tide of spice. Strawberry slushy, dedemara sugar, walnuts, more cherry pie – yum, welcome to the fruit banquet… The stewed fruitiness is incredibly condensed, jammy pop tart, fruit compote building gently on a floral foundation. Oak sinks in, polished wood, a touch of ash scratching the bottom. Vanilla giving a creamy swirl, ovaltine malt.


More stewed red fruits while milk chocolate starting to step in. Sweet and creamy, nice.


This Glenlossie distillate synced wonderfully with the sherry butt to produce such a luscious, rich and fragrant fruity sweetness. The sweetness is so perfect that it is a shame to see the spice of this spirit is three degrees too high otherwise it has the potential to join the legends. I always have high hopes on old-school Glenlossie as they can be amazing and complex. This, unfortunately, does not top my list, but it remains a excellent, memorable drop.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[56.7% | Independent Bottling | 1984 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Cask Number: 2533 | 143 of 530 Bottles | Cask Strength | Single Cask | Non Coloured | Matured in a Refill Sherry Butt | **]