Dram Review: Cask of Distinction Lagavulin Select Cask Aged 23 Years (Cask No. 9001)

[48.7%・23 Years Old・Distilled in 1995・Bottled in 2018・Official Bottling・Cask No. 9001・Single Cask Release of 396 Bottles]


Surprisingly mellow, a relaxed setting of oyster shells, seaweed and iodine. A soft charcoal smoke ropes in plums and can pineapples as minerals run gracefully underneath.

Palate & Finish:

Bold entrance with the green fruits, the creaminess of the peat combines with the creaminess of the Sherry wood creating a comforting mouthfeel, the mellow tropical fruits make way for dark cocoa and leather as the vibrant citrus returns and intertwined with the spices.

Lingering finish of creamy oysters, ashes and minerals laid out in a refined manner, a decent barley crispness combines with the drying oak as the fruits spread out.


A graceful Lagavulin that is actually much more approachable and comforting than what I had expected. There’s this relaxed demeanour with the dram, perhaps it’s the harmonious come together of ex-Sherry casks at a fitting strength, not overly exerting cask influence, a subtle confidence for a flawless whisky.

To some this may not be enough but I found myself quite attracted to the moreish nature and the maritime produce style of the dram and as such I think the two stars is earned.

Well picked Vincent and Rex!

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]