Whisky Review: Belgrove “Wholly Shit” Rye Whisky

Style: Earthy, Grassy and Oaty


Begins with an earthy agave tone, is this a tequila?! Damp clay, mineral notes, wet grass, icy cucumber gradually opening up to a sweet honey oat which shines through the middle. Dry spices, especially cloves, mixing in between, a cozy oatmeal underlayer to finish.


Another tequila run, what’s happening?!… More agave, yacult, cucumber and fresh grass leading the front of while a malty (even though this is a rye) sweetness gathering momentum. Oat, cereal, and macadamia thoroughly soaked in vanilla cream. Not bad, not bad. Faint smoke, a touch of organic soap bar. Coconut oil drizzling on digestive biscuits and a nice, firm layer of lightly salted pecans placed underneath.


A relatively soft, biscuity finish. Honey mead, vanilla and cookie forming a thin, sweet coat.


In case you don’t know why this whisky is called Wholly Shit, here’s what is written at the back label, “Belgrove sheep eat the spent distillery grain. Their dried dung was burnt instead of peat.” I guess this should qualify as the weirdest whisky I have tried to date. But look, what is a whisky journey without experiencing new, crazy things? Back to this dram, if I was tasted this blind, I would have guessed this is a young malt spiked with tequila. I suppose the earthy, vegetal element drives you up to an unexpected alley, but once you get used to the profile, with all the grassiness, the sweet cereal notes, it is actually a pretty fair drop.

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[57.8% | Original Bottling | 2018 Bottled | Cask Strength | 75 of 155 Bottles | No Age Statement | T]