Dram Review: Spirit Thief First Release American Oak Shiraz Cask “Arthur Jennings”

[48.3%・NAS・Bottled in 2018・Spirit Thief Bottling・Limited Release of 110 Bottles]


Prunes and caramel, the initial gooey sweetness is followed by a diluted jammy presence with some sandalwood and roasted barley.

Palate & Finish:

Sweet, inoffensive delivery of diluted prune preserve, green seedless grapes brushed with light toffee.

Hint of menthol in the finish as the toffee softens out.


Like its sister release, this was bottled at 48.3%. It seems like a reasonable bottling strength for a young Aussie whisky but the Redlands spirit is so timid that at this arbitrary ABV things feel a bit thin.

I think I would actually like to see this cask at a higher strength so that it packs some Australian flair, right now it’s unfortunately too inoffensive to leave a proper impression.