Dram Review: Devil’s Distillery Hobart Whisky (Batch No. 18-001)

[48.8%・NAS・Bottled in 2018・Official Bottling・Limited Edition of 423 Bottles]


Quite grassy and rather new make-y, some pencil shaving with the oily toffee fudge channeling some sweetness, pear drops, charred toast and diesel are also present.

Palate & Finish:

An oily delivery of guava and sultana with the raw greenness of new make attaching to it.  The malt gives a rough, bitter presence as it progresses.

Finishes off with the bitterness from burnt malt and fruit peels..


Interesting to see a newcomer distillery going for a young ex-Bourbon cask matured expression so early on, it’s a very demanding genre on the quality of the spirit.. and the lack of maturation tends to highlight the flaws quite dramatically. It leaves little margin of error for the new make that’s presumably still getting refined.