Whisky Review: Glenfarclas 2008 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead selected and bottled for Whisky & Wisdom Edition 2

Style: Sherry and Spicy


Sweet cherries, dark chocolate, Christmas cake, cranberries… Ahhh all the sherry goodness… Flipping to the spicy side, ginger shreds, nutmeg, cinnamon bark and plenty of black peppercorn supporting the sweetness. Around the core we have some comfortable floral side notes, blueberries, lifting up the minty lid, a dense malt is showing incredible depth all the way down. Massive aroma.


Begins with a direct, fiery sherry strike, reminds me very much of my first sip of Glenfarclas 105… Powerful, but juicy. Forest berries, prunes, dark cherries, apples and overripe figs simmered and condensed to high quality sweetness. Walnut oak and tannins begin to show, but it is nicely insulated by a layer of marzipan. Coal fire ambers crackling gently, remaining malt combines with peppermint to make one final push.


Polished sherry coated with creamy vanilla, oak bits, a gentle and sweet finish.


The special thing about young Sherry Glenfarclas cask strength like this is, you can see it is more than just a hot bowl of sherry soup, the malty core is able to sustain, support and enhance the massive red fruit notes; there is a clean, visible structure which builds up a colossal vessel to encompass the sherry juggernaut while allowing the nuances to flourish around it. Not just a simple sherry bomb – I suppose this is probably why Glenfarclas is probably Speyside’s finest. Such a big dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[59.8% | Original Bottling | 2008 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Single Cask | Non Coloured | Non Chill Filtered | 319 Bottles | Cask Number: 1270 | Aged 10 Years | *]


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