Whisky Review: Hand in Hand Laphroaig 2011 Selected by Sansibar Whisky for Liquor Library, Helvetica Bar, Whisky and Alement and The Oak Barrel

Style: Delicate Sweetness, Young and Smoky


Begins with classic Laphroaig signatures – lemon candies, liquorice, barbecued oysters, sooty smoke with some earthiness to it. Citrus fruits building up a cool, amiable sweetness, the underlayer swift towards more dry spice – cumin, nutmeg, chilli shreds with a touchof curry powder. An acidic overtone bridging the elements and holding the expression together nicely.


Fiery coal smoke powering the orange sweetness, an energetic charge at the front. Thin layer of moss and minerals can hardly cover the buzzing chilli spice. A clean herbal stroke, lemon balm coating around liquorice roots, the sweetness is unexpectedly round and gentle, while smoky water keeping a polite distance from the core. Youthful, or raw if you will, but it is showing some beyond-its-age composure… Interesting. Kombu and vinegar lurking underneath towards the end.


Earthy soot burying citrus fruits while malt slowly rising from chocolate sludge. More liquorice, herbal finish.


You know, as a whisky-loving Australian, I am so happy to see some exclusive bottling collaborations done by our industry legends, got to start somewhere, don’t we? Now back to this dram, this is a young Laphroaig which has just come of age, while it is understandably raw given it is just 7 years old, but it is showing all the necessary traits for Laphroaig, that is a big tick for me. More interestingly, some of the movements are conducted in a cautious, elegant manner (sometimes a little bit too shy) which is a rather rare sight – You are ready young lady, welcome to the brave new world, this SS Ferret is charging very close to one star.

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[53.7% | Idependent Bottling |2011 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Aged 7 Years | Natural Cask Strength | Non ChillFiltered | Non Coloured |T+]


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