Whisky Review: The Macallan Edition No. 4

Style: Fruity, Malty and Spicy

Begins with an upper layer of resin-mint spice and ground black pepper. Followed by sultanas, stewed summer berries and salted caramel balanced by the herbal and malty component. Youthful spirit no doubt, but it is reasonably sweet and vibrant. Blue berries, a few ginger shreds then plenty of fresh-cut grass. Malt syrup dripping gently at the back.

Black cherries, black currants and burnt toast mingling with malt syrup. Prunes and tropical fruits surrounded by ample herbaceous spice. Raisins and apricots skinny dipping in diluted brown sugar and maltose. A layer of milk chocolate smoothing out the edges and a very juvenile malty tone soft-landed at the back.

Cinnamon bark, more burnt toast and raisins treading on malt syrup, a decent sherry oak finish.

I am aware of the hype on Edition no. 4 (or the series for that matter) that has been going on these days, and finally I get to give it a spin. Now, in my honest opinion, I think it is a relatively spicy expression with an acceptable amount of sherry loaded in it. Although I think it is a bit too young as there are some faint new make notes showing up from time to time. Nothing abrasive and relatively easy-drinking, but in terms of reaching the true potential of Macallan, there is still a long long way to go.

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[48.4% | Original Bottling | 2018 Bottled | Limited Edition | No Age Statement | T-]