Whisky Review: The Whisky Agency Speyside Region 1973 Tenth Anniversary

Style: Delicate sweetness and Sophisticated

Immensely rich, bountiful tropical fruits served right up at the front, vanilla sponge cake, golden syrup and underlayer of dry barley interweaving charmingly. Ripe mango, paw paw oil, taro sago pudding steaming in bamboo leaves. Delicate, ripe yellow fruits overflowing to show an infinite depth, vanilla custard flanking on the side while herbal tune slowly approaches, ends with a peppermint high note carrying a touch of star anise. Wow… just wow. Absolutely perfect.

The herbal core begins to show a commanding presence here, abundant green herbs and nutmeg radiating from the inside. Delicate tropical fruits continue the parade which is deftly controlled by drier lines of vanilla barley. More ripe mangoes and canned pineapples thoroughly marinated with mints and pine nuts. Coconut overtone, the drier facet is becoming more prominent overtime. Vanilla latte with the faintest hint of Maraschino cherry. Dignified oak in its most pleasant form – honey water and fragrant wood polish, gently underline and wrap around the whole expression. Juicy fruits mark another return towards the back with five spices.

A delicate balance of honey tropical fruits and dry barley continues to steer on the now-subsided herbal pathway. Lemon tea, mint and grapefruit jelly. A sweet, composed and abiding finish. Excellent.

The best Speyside I have tried to date. While most of them are pleasantly mellow and dignified, but this 1973 Speyside is more than that – maybe it is because of its intricate balance of tropical fruits sweetness and barley dryness has created an incredible depth and dynamic to it; At this age one would assume the oak will take over the proceedings, instead, it plays a humble, supporting role, providing so much finesse and composure to the spirit. Together with the steadfast herbal core, a star is born – Such a spellbinding whisky.

☆☆☆[Most Recommended]

[48.6% | Independent Bottling | 1973 Distilled | 2017 Bottled | Single Cask | Cask Strength | Non Coloured | Non Chill Filtered | Aged 44 Years | Matured in a Butt | ***- | Opened in Nov 2018 | Tasted in Dec 2018]