Dram Review: Spirit Thief First Release French Oak Tempranillo Cask “Hector Musselwhite”

[48.3%・NAS・Bottled in 2018・Spirit Thief Bottling・Limited Release of 110 Bottles]


Caramelised popcorn, slightly lemony with some lime zest. Pinch of chilli with the malty spirit moving past..

Palate & Finish:

Quite syrupy sweet, flowing with some raisin sweetness followed by a plateau of honey.

Soft finish..


A first release (NAS) from one of the latest independent bottlers in Australia that focuses on story building, the narrative here seems to be that the brand is paying tribute to some Tasmanian convicts from the early 20th century in a bid to make the whisky more appealing.

Anyway, unlike what the label art might suggest, the dram is actually rather timid and inoffensive..