Dram Review: Tasmanian Independent Bottlers A Renowned NSW Distillery Renowned Release 2 (Cask No. TIB ?? 005)

[49.1%・NAS・Bottled in 2018・Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Bottling・Cask No. TIB ?? 005・Single Cask Release]


On the raw side but the dilution has kept things civilised, a polite Sherry imprint left on the new make.  There is a certain spirit oiliness that coats notes of raw sugar, citrus fragrance and charred toast.

Palate & Finish:

Fine delivery of apples and honey on a young spirit base, English lollies conveying a juvenile spirit led sweetness.

The tail fizzles though traces of malt remain..


Personally, the sophomore Renowned Release didn’t quite do enough for me, proper distillate and thoughtful execution but my suspicion is that the cask was bottled too soon for things to have a chance to get real interesting, Duckett style or otherwise.  Chances are the cask could potentially be left maturing for a few more years though I suppose the crowd has waited long enough..