Whisky Review: Glenfarclas The Family Casks 1987 Bottled for Shinanoya to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Silence Bar

Style: Fruity, Sherry and Refined


Rich plums and blackberries waltzing in gracefully, a light creamy and peppermint touch to lift the aroma. Rich, but gentle. Raw almonds and mango sorbet slipping under, a handful of dried raspberries and cranberries scattered around casually. A more steady malt biscuit notes emerge. Quite nice.


Quite similar to what the nose has suggested. Another boost from blueberries and plums. Mango Pavlova gently drizzled with crème de menthe. Almonds, malt biscuits building up to a more steady core in the middle. A hint of cranberry croissants highlighted with a subtle sherry-floral overtone. Lemon marzipan lingers, while polish oak, tannins and cigar box notes kick in at the back.


A sherry finishing touch on a comfortable almond cookie and malt.


A thoughtful Glenfarclas teasing the line of richness and lightness. Sherry-laden no doubt, but there is an airiness in the spirit which deftly levitates the expression with its fruity and floral strokes. I love it. A refined and poetic selection.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[Original Bottling / 44.5% / 1987 Distilled / 2017 Bottled / Single Cask / Cask Number: 3813 / 003 of 265 Bottles / Aged 30 Years / Cask Strength / Tasted at bar / **]


Tasted at Club Qing, Hong Kong.