Dram Review: Zenith Rosebank 12 Years Old

[43.0%・12 Years Old・Distilled Circa 1975・Bottled in 1987・Zenith Bottling・Limited Release]


Pleasingly old school, gently malt, mild fruitiness and light creaminess. A slight respectful citrus brings a vibrant note. All is rounded and well balanced.

Palate & Finish:

A gentle and crisp drop, honey, limestone and hay wrapping the dry malt. Just a subtle hint of raisins gifting some citrus on the backend before the dram reverts to its malty core, playful and even.

A lingering loveliness of malt and honey with

a condensed jammy sweetness blossoming..


A beautiful, rustic malt. The attractive softness of an Italian Rosebank embodied. Close to scoring two stars..

☆ [Recommended]