Dram Review: Bottiglieria Corsini Port Ellen 11 Years Old

[43.0%・11 Years Old・Distilled in 1983・Bottled in 1994・Bottiglieria Corsini Bottling・Limited Release]


Softly peated in a sugary manner, some fragrant white fruits, kiwis perhaps to go with some underlying chalk and smoke. There are some coconuts to bridge the fruitiness and creaminess; followed by a gingery note that cuts through, revealing white tea and Chinese herbs..

Palate & Finish:

Familiar soft fruits a la an old Islay whisky. Slight lift by the citrus to allow the minerals to rush in, light seaweed peat harmoniously melting into the beautiful soft fruits as ginger and oak give a lovely dryness that leaves people longing for more.

The tail fades away, taking along with it some subtle sweet peat and orchard fruits.


Such unexpected elegance for a Port Ellen near the distillery’s end, this is not quite the typical 1983 vintage but it makes perfect sense as an Italian whisky.

Some evenings require big finales, other times one could use a dram this fine..

Close to scoring two stars..

☆ [Recommended]