Dram Review: Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice Brora Distilled 1982 Bottled 2006

[43.0%・24 Years Old・Distilled in 1982・Bottled in 2006・Gordon & MacPhail Bottling・Limited Release]


White fruits, nougat and soft smoke, slightly vegetal and grassy with some mild citrus to round things out. In time though the nose carries this scent of crepes with lemon and sugar.

Palate & Finish:

Light body carrying citrus and grassy notes, a crisp and dry white wine note alongside the coastal undertones. Hints of tropical fruits drifting in and out.

Fading notes of honey and biscuits with white grapes and green apples.


A nice dram that gets just a bit nicer in time, quite a pleasing nose really but perhaps just a bit on the thin side, even as a breakfast whisky, although who would complain about that sort of mornings really..

☆ [Recommended]