Dram Review: Highland Park Vintage 1973 Cask Number 11151

[45.4%・27 Years Old・Distilled in 1973・Bottled in 2001・Official Bottling・Cask No. 11151・Single Cask Release of 500 Bottles]


Proudly Sherried, quite leathery with the prunes lifting the acidity; sugared cream, milk chocolate and honey baked leg ham all in the background alongside cinnamon sugar and cardamom as there is a vague suggestion of peat blocks being lit up from a distance.

Palate & Finish:

Poached fruits and chocolate dust lead a merrily Sherried charge on a fairly creamy body. Spicy cinnamon goes with some wee peat as the charred oak turns the dram somewhat leathery and tannic and dries out the surroundings.

The vegetal and earthy notes continue into the finish, with some hints of cherries and chocolate dust coated almonds.


Both 11151 and 11167 are close to scoring two stars. The 11151 is heavier Sherried than its sister cask and more tannic and earthy naturally. A nicely done integration of peat smoke into the dram.

☆ [Recommended]

Thank you Minami San, Nakada San and Tachibana San for a great evening and thank you for the dram.