Whisky Review: Highland Park Freya Aged 15 Years

Style: Green Fruits, Oaky and Spicy


Peppermint arrowhead stringing a thin thread of lemon honey heather behind. Raw but reasonably fragrant tropical fruits, followed by an unexpected blot of sooty peat. Once it opens up pineapple panna cotta gently dusted with icing sugar comes in focus. Black and white peppercorn, a light briny end to it.


A rather white pepper driven start on the palate. Starfruits, oak-infused barley, green tropical fruits and lemon aloe vera jelly. Almost metallic at some point. Peat smoke churning lightly, sea salt, followed by a spicy spike, peppermint, chilli seeds and ginger shreds. Wood shavings, chocolate malt, it is surprisingly bitter. Minimal mango sweetness, chocolate malt and nutmeg to finish.


More nutmeg, black and white pepper sprinkled all over guava and subtle fruity sweetness.


A surprisingly green and spicy Highland Park here, plenty of oak as well. Not a usual HP which is generally less dry and juicer. I didn’t enjoy this profile too much, maybe I was wrong to presume the goddess of love have to be something sweet? But instead we got something on the other side of the spectrum. I guess it is a curve ball whisky that some might find it interesting. Borderline tick, maybe?

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[51.2% / Original Bottling / 2014 Bottled / Cask Strength / Limited Edition / T-]