Dram Review: Talisker Aged 20 Years 1982 (Bottled in 2003)

[58.8%・20 Years Old・Distilled in 1982・Bottled in 2003・Official Bottling・Limited Release of 12,000 Bottles]


The nose sets a powerful maritime theme, fish sauce in a good aromatic manner with clean minerals as the oak presses lightly. Barbecue smoke sipping out in time and is seasoned by black pepper and lime twist.

Palate & Finish:

Quite syrupy and slightly citrus but at the same time the saltiness is well conveyed as the peat comes out, freshly shucked oysters giving that creaminess which gets dressed with pepper and dry herbs. English toffee slowly surfaces as some subtle ripe fruits also reveal themselves.

Quite a satisfying finish as the toffee fades away, washing up crisp malt, dried ginger, wood and sea salt & pepper.


Maritime encapsulated. The 2002 version is magic and this is exceptionally good too.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]