Whisky Review: Cadenhead Small Batch Arran 1997 Aged 19 Years

Style: Fruity, Oily and Spicy


Fragrant apples, peaches and apricots lightly painted with honeycomb wax. Candied fruits adding more richness to the core. Lemon aloe vera, a powerful surge of spice, especially considering it is 52.4%. Then we have ginger, peppermint and a touch of nutmeg to finish. Fruity and spicy.


Starts with a spicy cut on the palate, followed by apple cubes, tropical fruits and some grassy eau de vie to give a herbal tone. The drier facet begins to show – ginger shreds, nutmeg and coffee beans. Cider with a lick of salty butter. Malt biscuits towards the end.


More yellow butter notes lingering, apple pie and red fruits fainting slowly.


A pleasant small batch offering from the Cadenhead. The symmetrical contribution from the Sherry and Boubon cask gives a comfortable balance to the expression. Relatively dense stone fruit sweetness bolstered up a satisfactory, oily texture. Not your usual Arran I guess, which is generally lighter, but I quite like this, tick!

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[52.4% / 1997 Distilled / 2016 Bottled / 486 Bottles / A Vatting of 1 Bourbon Hogshead and 1 Sherry Hogshead / Cask Strength / Non Coloured / T]


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