Whisky Review: The Arran Sherry Single Cask 1998 (2014 Autumn Release)

Style: Sweet, Creamy and Spicy

Gentle flow of creamy apricots and poached pears on the nose, clean and fragrant. Very nice. Dry spices – nutmeg, ginger and a subtle hint of Tsao-ko. White flower, oak staves and vanilla sticks stirring at the back. Quite aromatic, simple but elegant.

Starts with subtle sherry notes and we have more clean apricots and candied pears as we approach. Orange drops and coconut cream slotted one level down. Vanilla milk swirling gently, then comes a powerful spice spike, followed by dry spices again, ginger, earthy nutmeg and more Tsao-ko. Pretty similar to what the nose has suggested. Sweet and spicy all the way to the end.

Aloe vera, smashed apricots and vanilla malt to finish.

It is a sherry cask matured Arran but the red fruits are pretty much at the back seat throughout the journey. This Arran shows more of its distillate character – a combination of sweet fruits, creamy texture and dry spices. A minimalistic style of whisky, it is not over the moon, but not every expression has to be like a novel, especially when it is easy-drinking and delicious.

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style/ Distillery]

[52% / 1998 Distilled / 2014 Bottled / Single Cask / Aged 16 Years / 17 of 279 Bottles / Cask Number: 130 / Cask Strength / T]