Whisky Review: Bowmore “Springtide”

Style: Rich and Spicy

Intense spices wrapping around massive toffee, followed by stewed tropical fruits, fresh tropical fruits, fresh figs, dried figs and strawberry jam. Flaring chili flakes and robust peppermint. Oily, dense texture. Fisherman friends, smoke lightly reeling while the aroma gently placed on top a stack of tobacco leaves.

Condensed flavours rolling onto the heavy side, massive figs, fat toffees and tobacco leaves. Kiwi (?) fruits reduced to syrup, smoke kicking in with hints of basil salmon. A thin layer of oak oil, caramel fudge opens up to more solid strawberry jam. Fragrant fruits undertone gradually escalates to the surface, dry oak dips in towards the end.

Roasted figs drizzled with chocolate, peppermint tail. Light fragrant fruits to finish.

A Bowmore sitting on the heavy side loaded with plenty of figs and spices. I remember I absolutely hated this when I first try it, but after all this time, now coming back to this, Bowmore has become much more likable now. I suppose palate does develop after all these whisky experiences. The fragrant spirit produced by this distillery is truly one of a kind and carries the heavy sherry body to the next level. Remarkable.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[54.9% • 2012 Bottled • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Edition • Travel Retail Exclusive • First-fill Oloroso Cask Matured • Discontinued]