Whisky Review: Kilchoman Single Cask 100% Islay Exclusively Bottled for HNWS Taiwan 

Style: Sweet, Herbal and Smoky

A half-syrupy, herbal dose of Islay smoke. Barbeque pork on the main palate whereas the Kilchoman confectionaries are scattered on the side. Semi-dissolved muscovado sugar lightly brushed on top of it. Iodine, dirty kelp and roasted barley sitting quite deep. Interesting aroma.

Waves of brown sugar water rush in and carrying the flavours – starting with coastal breeze, smoked kelp, followed by a confectionary-sweetened, bright malty core. Liquorice highlighted by herbal overtone, anise (?), vanilla pods, taking a hint of creaminess while the spice cuts through the expression. Challenging but an interesting palate.

The herbal spicy theme rests and the tone begins to settle down. Confectionary sweetness breathing out in a more relax pace and the smoke gently lurking at the back.

When I look at the colour I assume this is going to be an Islay sherry bomb, instead, it is more like a vessel to carry and transmit the other elements in the spirit. Sweet confectionary notes, lesser maritime influence, but a strong herbal edge with subtleties residing in it, it is still Kilchoman through and through, but there is an interesting twist to it.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[57.8% / Original Bottling / 2011 Distilled / 2017 Bottled / Single Cask / Cask Strength / Cask Number: 617/2011 / Matured in a Sherry cask / Aged 5 Years]