Dram Review: Springbank 100% Pure Malt 15 Years Old (Pear Shape)

[43.0%・Distilled Circa 1960s・Bottled Circa Late 1970s・15 Years Old・Official Bottling・General Release]


The dram gives off this naturally sweet vibe, some dried white fruits with haystacks. It’s delicate and grassy with the subtle white peaches and white tea melting into some fine olive oil and followed nicely by some orange zest.

Palate and Finish:

A polite sweetness on the palate, finely restrained by light tea and white oak. The spices sprinkle atop of a finely polished woodiness that extends with sandalwood and leather. The dram releases some subtle tropical fruitiness for a pleasing turn.

Medium, drying finish. Slightly creamy with traces of chocolate powder, mandarin peels and menthol.


A bare but clean Springbank, quite striking and if only that woodiness is set further back from the elegance of the malt.

☆ [Recommended]