Whisky Review: Black Gate Single Cask #BG055

Style: Smoky and Spicy

Begins with an acidic overtone, followed by some smoky liquorice roots, bacon drizzled with barbeque sauce. Hot spice cutting in from time to time. Raspberries, a touch of Quandong liquer (?) and orange drops meet at the bottom. Sharp, sweet and smoky.

A rather hot palate, but when the flavours are starting to sink in, we have more liquorice, citrus drops and plenty of smoke – reminds me a bit of Laphroaig. Raspberry chocolate swirl, liquorice roots rolling around the tongue, a touch of rustic, diesel oil at the back. The herbal tone starting to breathe out after a while, intriguing dram.

Swinging to the chocolate-y side of things, Maltesers, chocolate oak, followed by a thin line of citrus fruits, leading to a final smoky push.

Quite an interesting dram here. It is one of the smokiest Aussie whisky I have tried so far, and interestingly, I see glimpses of Laphroaig in this. Maybe it is the abundance of smoke and citrus-liquorice sweetness in the spirit. Quite spicy and rough around the edges (okay, I just realized this is 63.6%, no wonder it is so hot), but the peat element is very well established, I quite like this.

[Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[63.6% / Original Bottling/ Jul 2016 Distilled / Aug 2018 Bottled / Aged 2 Years / Single Cask / Cask number: BG055/ 38 of 177 Bottles / Matured in Sherry Cask / t-]