Whisky Review: Starward Projects Bourbon Cask Whisky

Style: Sweet and Refreshing

Sweet banana pie dusted with icing sugar. Freshly opened canned pineapple, tropical punch with a heavy layer of vanilla frosting covering on it. Ripe melon notes balanced by crisp cucumber notes. Lemon poppy seed, peppermint and thyme forming a thin thread of herbal tone and shoots all the way to the back. Finish with a subtle touch of oatmeal malt.

Maltier than what the nose has suggested. Begins with ripe honeydew, mangoes and banana fruit tart. Malt knuckling down, cucumber water flowing through the backbone, crisp and refreshing. Ester fruits filling up the empty space on top, lemon honey mochi, sweet and mellow.

Syrupy tropical fruits linger, it gradually dries up and we have a malty and dry spice finish.

To be completely honest, when I saw this is a Bourbon cask matured Starward, I was a bit sceptical because I feel the distillate fits better with wine casks, but no, instead, we have a pleasant surprise here – This is a nice, fruity Starward with a refreshing touch. Not overly complex but there are clear layerings which form a clean structure, it reminds me a bit of nice Glenkinchie, a smooth, dessert-y, summer dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[52% / Original Bottling / Cask Strength / 1200 Bottles / Limited Edition / Matured in Bourbon Casks / *-]