Whisky Review: Thornbury Spirits Co. 1st Release The Forgotten Casks 17 Years Old (Sullivans Cove)

Style: Sweet and Herbal


Herbal liquorice fuses with elder flower on the nose. A layer of vanilla oatmeal slipping underneath while overripe tropical fruits and sticky orange drops forming a solid core in the middle. Peppermint, sages and rosemary converge to hit spicy high note. Sweet and spicy aroma.


Orange drops underlined by a bright herbal tone. Sweet liquorice thoroughly painted vanilla malt. Minty herbs, citrus orange and tropical fruits combine to build a fruity and herbal core. Pecans, a touch of caramel and malt to finish.


Less fruity and more malty. Reminiscence of herbal signatures, sweet and quiet.


Well, it has been a while since I have last visited Sullivans Cove. This one here is all herbal and confectionaries which is well polished overtime. Personally, this reminds me the earlier form of Sullivans Cove, and, to a greater extent, Aussie distillates. Looking back at this, it is quite astounding that how much some of the distilleries have deviated from the “prototype” since then. But this one here is also pretty nice after all these years of maturation, not bad.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[52.5% / Independent Bottling / Aged 17 Years / 98 of 98 Bottles / A Vat of 2 Bourbon Casks/ Cask Number: HH0363 and HH0367/ Cask Strength/ t]