Whisky Review: Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

Style: Fruity and Grainy

Begins with a youthful spirit overtone, toffee carrying an energetic grain-y buzz. Summer berries, grapefruit citrus, wafers, apple jacks with a touch of acidic raspberries. Peppermint and cloves spice zigzagging across and give some heatness to the spirit. Malt becoming fuzzy towards the back, dark chocolate finish. A light-hearted fruit-grain aroma backed with decent depth. Quite good.

Delicious dark fruits burst into life on the palate. Prunes, plums, cherries lightly brushed with lip-smacking milk chocolate. Grain signatures piloting a menthol surge. Rolling out a thin vanilla carpet, tobacco leaves, while caramel notes dropping lower and binds with the oak towards the end.

Soften dark fruits surfacing to the top, walnuts and figs biscuits, while the rest gradually dissipates.

Ah, the famous Nikka From The Barrel, finally… It feels like this review is long overdue, a whisky adored by many drinkers because of its great price-quality ratio. In my honest opinion, the hype is justified – Bright fruitiness outlined by young grains while the sherry component enhanced its depth nicely, the expression is very well-balanced. While it is easy drinking, the higher strength gives an extra notch of intensity to spice things up a bit. Maybe slightly young/rough around the edges for me, but overall quite a nice dram. Close to 1 star.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distilleries]

[51.4% / Original Bottling / Cask Strength / No Age Statement / Circa 2015 Bottled / t+]