Whisky Review: Cadenhead Single Cask Glen Grant – Glenlivet 1984 Aged 31 Years

Style: Sherry and Malty

Brown sugar casually sprinkled down on coffee jelly. A rather “deep” vibe here. Plenty of black currants floating to the top, while peppermint haze shrouds around a hearty malt. Pencil shavings, caramel sauce with a teasing acidic note. Black peppercorns and dry spices at the back. A rather delicate aroma.

Cranberries, goji berries and more coffee jelly beaming positively on the palate. All the sweetness latches neatly on a solid, herbal layer. Grassy notes riding on a spicy surge. Dry leaves and wood shavings rounded off with warm malty brushes.

Assorted summer berries, soothing red fruits with a nice dose of Manuka honey lingering till the end. Delicious.

Not often you come across a 30 years old Glen Grant these days, so I am not sure what to expect. We have deep-toned sherry crust which spends all these years successfully adhere to the malty-herbal core. Sweet dark fruits, more-ish and soothing at a pleasant strength, not bad at all! Close to 2 stars.


[46.1% / Independent Bottling / 1984 Distilled / 2016 Bottled / Single Cask / Cask Strength / Aged 31 Years / 414 Bottles]