Dram Review: Compass Box No Name

[48.9%・Bottled In 2017・NAS・Compass Box Bottling・Limited Release of 15,000 Bottles]


Sensationally peaty on the nose, loads of smoked bacon, with the dram genuinely faring quite seaweed-y with a clean, thrilling dose of milky peat gliding through. Smoked almonds and sea salt adding to the mix.

Palate & Finish:

Approachable and fluid. Vanilla cream effortlessly developing some marmalade note as a dose of citrus moves through. The peat is well behaved with moderate amounts of spices and icing sugar to follow.

The peat draws out some herbs and some wee earthiness in the finish, with a hint of sea salt to close.


This is an excellent example of how each component of the a blend can accentuate one another, here we have a straight forward peaty whisky that serves well as the back bone as it is elevated by the other casks that inject life into the blend.

☆ [Recommended]


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