Whisky Review: Islay Mist 8 Years Old (1986 Bottled)

Style: Light and Fruity


Refreshing fruity breeze on the nose… Very nice. Delightful pineapple daiquiri, green pears silkily wrapped by iodine laces and decorated with smoked barley. Citrus icing, an oily peppermint lick. Simple but stunningly impressive.


Soft fruits laying out with a nice brush of golden malt. Pears hitting high notes all the way, subtle barley husk, satisfyingly oily even at 40%. Mineral and graphite flicks, fruits with a faint hint of smoke. Dries up towards the end.


Tropical fruits, a drop of iodine onto more green pears.


Delicious and superbly easy drinking, effortlessly light and crisp. Can’t believe this is just a blend of Laphroaig* and a grain whisky! I suppose the way they make Laphroaig was a bit different back then. Refreshing fruitiness flies through till the end, Simple but fascinating creation.


[40% • 1986 Bottled • Blended Scotch • D. Johnson & Co.]


*PS: Not only Laphroaig but also a few Speyside malts are involved in this blend. For more information on the history of Islay Mist, click here. Thanks for the correction Derek.