Whisky Review: Laphroaig Aged 27 Years Limited Edition

Style: Sweet and Complex


Smoky stewed fruits, signature sweetness of well-aged Laphroaig. All the elements give way to the perfumed grapefruits, bubble gum, linseed, rosemary and smoked peppermint. Soft aroma of grape vine with a touch of Eau De Vie. Complex, perfumed and very refined.


Smoky honey, hint of tar, more tropical fruits simmering. Grapefruits, white grapes all baked into incredible tenderness. Reminds me a bit of Sauternes. Peat burning lightly, barley sugar with a puff of smoke. Flavours blossom beautifully overtime. Marine tide rises towards the back, chocolate almond finish.


Smoked almonds, canned pineapples and other barbeque fruits with lingering malt.


Pleasingly complex. Flavours keep developing in the glass with great composure. While I haven’t tried a lot of Laphroaigs maturing beyond 25 years, it is a beautiful scene to watch when all the Laphroaig elements subside gracefully and let classy fruits to shine. If only it pumps up at a higher ABV for better intensity, but sadly this is only 41.7%… Maybe there are a few good casks going under 40% which need to be rescued? A graceful expression nonetheless.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[41.7% • 2017 March Bottled • 1988 October to 1989 November Distilled • Original Bottling • Natural Cask Strength • Limited Edition • Double Maturation of First-fill Bourbon barrels and Refill Quarter casks • **-]