Whisky Review: The GlenDronach Single Cask Batch 16 1993 Aged 24 Years #55

Style: Sherry Sweet and Spicy

A relatively tight nose to begin with, but when it cuts through the spice we have beautiful assorted red fruits, red currants, a touch of resin and grassy notes. Flicking to the drier side from time to time, dusty and earthy notes laid on top of a deeper layer of stewed fruitiness.

Round red fruits rolling on the palate. Black currants with all sorts of sherry goodness. Yum! Chocolate, blood oranges, a sturdy, spicy backbone with searing ginger and dry spices scattering around. Almonds and tobacco leaves growing at back palate. Finish with a touch toasted oak.

Sherry fruits back paddling, malt with soft grassiness. Quite nice.

I was told that this is matured in an Oloroso butt, but I wonder why it doesn’t say on the label anymore? Elegant sherry elements tied around a spicy backbone, maybe 93 Glendronach is really something after all. Although the tug of war between sherry and spice might indicate a lack of integration in some aspects, nonetheless a pretty decent sherry GD, especially after you let it breathe for a fair bit of time.


[56.7% / Original Bottling / 2017 Bottled / 1993 Distilled / Single Cask / 327 of 567 Bottles / Cask #55 / Matured in Sherry Butt / *-]