Whisky Review: Bellwether Single Malt Whisky R6

Style: Citrus Sweet and Herbal


Musky, stewed tropical fruits stepped up to the front. Melon candies, then it edges towards to the vegetal side – Cucumber gradually transfigured into Chinese medicinal herbs. Distant smoke, Sharp ginger shreds sheathed by a touch of sweet orange citrus at the back.

A string of flavours slowly unwinding from a tight knot on the palate. Once it decompresses, we have orange drops sitting on top of another stack of medicinal herbs, while ginger twists and turns around the herbal core. Citrus sweetness getting more comfortable overtime, smoke flickering gently, bitter herbal notes growing aggressive and gain some ground towards the end.

Herbs continue to entangle the bright citrus notes. Lozenge with ginger giving a light tingling texture.

A relatively herbal Aussie. The medicinal profile is balanced by the sweet orange citrus notes, which creates a decent structure to this spirit. Well-controlled spice, sufficient nuances, although I fell the herbal bitterness went a little bit overbroad towards the back. Promising signs.

[47% • Original Bottling • 2018 Bottled • 80 of 95 Bottles • Limited Release • Medium Peated ~ 20ppm • French Oak Port wood – Bourbon]