Dram Review: Hellyers Road Original Single Cask Release Aged 14 Years (Cask No. 2087/08)

[67.4%・14 Years Old・Bottled in 2018・Official Bottling・Cask No. 2087/08・Single Cask Release]


Honey and cereal and of course rather alcoholic, metallic with barley husk, quite unrefined and raw.

Palate & Finish:

Sweet oily honey with a very naked showing of the barley infused with wood.  Faring quite green with some olive oil and more spirit-y spices in the mix.

That greenness continues in the finish, and lead to this burnt toast aftertaste.


This is 14 years old, which is old by Australian standard but it certainly feels like this could really use even more maturation time..