Dram Review: Michter’s 20 Years Old (Barrel No. L16956)

[57.1%・20 Years Old・Official Bottling・Barrel L16956・Single Barrel Release of 588 Bottles]


Praise be! Heavenly mahogany with smooth vanilla and leather interwinding seamlessly, well aged cigar leaves, stately yet endearing.  Wood smoked bacon in time with some thick toffee creaminess and buttery treats surfacing.

Palate & Finish:

Wow, honey soaked raisins and dried muscats, the sweetness oozes out from the oak and is elevated by the cinnamon; as the wood slowly gains ground, it releases menthol cigarette that is layered with this sticky sugary note of dried strawberries together with a brush of chilli spices that gives the dram a wee kick.

The finishing appears to be dry with aged oak and sandalwood, yet the syrupy base once again reveals itself, lengthy and mellow with a hint of almond sugar.


Ah.. simply divine, brilliantly seasoned and orgasmically satisfying.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]