Dram Review: Sazerac 18 Years Old (Spring 2015 Release)

[45.0%・18 Years Old・Bottled in 2015・Buffalo Trace Bottling・Limited Release]


The nose is real attractive, cherries with a polite splash of cinnamon and perfect almond of buttery sweetness, freshly baked almond cookies, wholesome vanilla, brown sugar and this fine Horween leather note giving this fine satisfaction like a generous bosom.

Palate & Finish:

Green apples, apricots and grapefruits, the initial citrus is soon replaced by the fairly dry rye note, tobacco and menthol with ample of oak giving this classy burn.

Dark chocolate dust lingers on with the rugged oak and hint of pineapple syrup in the aftertaste.


The nose is as satisfying as it gets as far as my limited rye experience goes..

☆ [Recommended]