Whisky Review: The Glenlivet “Code”

Style: Fruity and Spicy


Frosty peppermint sweeps through the background, equal dose of fruit and barley on the nose. Poached pears and kumquat showing at the core, followed by a tighter balsamic vinegar squeezing from the sides. A touch of cherry liquorice quickly buried by black peppercorns, dry and spicy end note.


Juicy sweetness building at the forefront, while liquorice and ginger shreds wrapping around the fruity core – More poached pears, kumquat and fruit tart dusted with icing sugar. Almost candy-like at times. Spirit overtone, whereas pineapple vanilla ice cream sits one layer down to give a smooth, oily texture. Sweetness starting to wane towards the back and we have chocolate oat, oak and black pepper to dry things up.


The dryness lingers for a while and eventually gives way to malt syrup and orange drops, forming a layer of agar agar.


Ahhhh, the fun begins. Guessing whisky, regardless getting it right or not, is always entertaining. Given the vanilla-fruit heavy nature of this dram, I think the majority of the spirit should come from (first-fill) Bourbon casks, while some of the red fruits liquorice sweetness might be contributed by red wine casks, minimal or no sherry influence. Young whisky no doubt, but not that young, I guess the average age would be around 7-10 years. Overall it is a sweet, youthful drop with a technical twist. I might be wrong but hey, it’s fun and that’s the purpose of this code isn’t it? 😉

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[48% • Original Bottling • Limited Edition • 10000 Bottles • No Age Statement / 2018 Bottled • t-]