Dram Review: Moon Import Samaroli “Dreams” Bowmore 1984

[45.0%・Distilled in 1984・Bottled in 1999・Moon Import and Samaroli Joint Bottling・Release of 798 Bottles]


Some raspberry lollies to go with some sea salt, ginger flower teases as the malt mildly moving with sprinkles of limestone, soft caramel and roasted capsicum in time.

Palate & Finish:

The brush of dark berries I normally associate with Bowmore is present here with some gingery and cinnamon notes to go with a light smoke. Ripe fruits, soft toffee and ashes begin to mingle to form this rather pleasant sugary mouthfeel.

The sweet smoke lingers on as the smoke and malt continue to fade..


The Italian elegance is well conveyed in this Bowmore, structurally very fine, and effortless..

☆ [Recommended]