Spirit Review: Archie Rose Six Malt Spirit matured in 100L Apera Sherry Cask for 18 months


Powerful spice, but the core aroma is surprisingly gentle on the nose. Soft but determined dark/red fruits notes, raisinets uplifted by an herbal overtone. Orange drops and black currants. There are still glimpses of raw new make malt syrup notes here, but some rough edges have been polished off.


Red fruits with an unexpected touch of subtle wood smoke backing it up. Lollies, red liquorice and orange drops forming a fairly strong fruity core. Raw herbal spice flaring up, while chocolate and barley husk dropping lower. Finishes with more confectionaries notes and roasted coffee beans.


Despite 6 months short from becoming an actual whisky in Australia, it is almost ready. There has been a substantial fine-tuning with the Archie Rose spirit to create its own style, and I am delighted to see what we have here is thoughtfully polished. The sherry injects a nice sweetness to it while the barley in the drier facet sinks even lower and form a nice spirit underlayer. An enjoyable treat, and I am seeing all sorts of positive signs from this distillery in Sydney.

[Filling Strength of 63.5% • Cask Sample]


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