Whisky Review: Artist #5 Glenlivet Aged 40 Years by La Maison du Whisky

Style: Sherry and Oaky


Floral nectar crystallizing nicely at the front, sugared cranberries adding an extra sweet touch to the aroma. Early oak presence as we have generous amount of saw dust tipped and stirred into the mix. Sherry notes drilled into the core, ripe red mangoes underlined by chilli spices. Coconut shreds, a tiny dash of vanilla cream, followed by white pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Full-bodied sweetness supported by timber notes and assorted spices.


More delicate sweet mango notes at the first wave. Sultanas running in liquid form, all nice and sweet not for long as wood shavings infiltrate and deeply etched into the spirit. A flash of clean cranberries with subtle black currants on the side. Going drier towards the back, bitter oak and cereal notes forming a bizarre duo which is somehow rescued by bright ginger.


Mangoes and apricots beaming positively as the oak fades. Honeycomb with a bite of malt biscuit, bitterness stacks up again at the very end.


The injection of sweet sherry has somehow managed to semi-unlock/resuscitate the oak-entrenched Glenlivet. The portion which has escaped from the bitter shackles put up a glamorous display of delicious fruits and sharpness. However, the rest is having a hard time which makes me think the spirit is unfortunately flawed. There are a few good moments for sure, but the ride has been bumpy and scary.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[46.8% • Independent Bottling • 1974 Distilled • 2015 Bottled • 240 Bottles • Initial maturation of Hogsheads(!), finish in a Sherry Butt for 45 months • Cask #1 • t]