Spirit Review: Archie Rose Six Malt New Make


Youthful malt syrup with grassy edges. Marshmallows, caramel and chocolate cookie dough developing on top of subtle fruitiness. Distinct carrot cake and earthy nutmeg notes coming forward towards the end.


Vibrant confectionaries fruits sweeping across and transmute to drier chocolate barley husk on the palate. Abundant ester fruits – mostly oranges, nicely placed at the middle. Crisp ginger spices giving a zing, while barley brushes around the fruity core. Cornflakes and dry oatmeal at the tail.


Of all new makes I have tried, there is a surprising amount of dry, naked barley signature injected into the spirit. Forming additional dimensions around the crisp and fruity core. Layers of flavours already distinctly formed, how they will develop in oak casks remains to be seen but it is definitely a good sign. Fairly drinkable and expressive at 50%. No ratings because it is not a whisky yet.

[50% • Distillery Bottling • Limited Edition • 3000 Bottles]


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