Dram Review: Antique Lions of Spirits Blair Athol Aged 28 Years

[51.2%・28 Years Old・Distilled in 1988・Bottled in 2016・Joint Bottling of Jens Drewitz, Max Righi (Whisky Antique) and Diego Sandrin (Lion’s Whisky)・Single Cask Release of 262 Bottles]


The fruits are not so expressive here but are still delightful, marzipan and lychees sitting above a buttery undertone. Traces of barley, sandalwood and a wee soapiness in the mix.

Palate & Finish:

Orange peels and mangos giving a nice citrus delivery. A particular barley presence transitions into a creaminess with some toasted hazelnuts as spices and spearmint arrive on the mid-palate along with some suggestions of soapy and oaky notes.

A decent follow through with the sweetness of the fruits and bitterness of the oak.


Really rather nice, a balanced malt that would even be better if the oak is tuned back just a little bit..

☆ [Recommended]