Dram Review: Whisky Magazine Editor’s Choice Cragganmore 22 Years Old

[55.7%・22 Years Old・Distilled in 1992・Bottled in 2015・Whisky Magazine Bottling ・Cask No. 4614・Single Cask Release of 239 Bottles]


The spirit driven dram leads with clean malty aroma and a lick of spices, there is a sense of distillery identity on the nose.  It then opens up to green apples and limes with some sandalwood and grass moving underneath. In time the light lemongrass note gives a rather uplifting hook whilst the vanilla provides a mellow creaminess.

Palate & Finish:

In a seamless display of spectrum of flavours the dram starts off with an oily delivery of buttery sweetness, honey and salted caramel arriving first then comes the light citrus green fruits which intertwine with the spirt led spices before a wave of crisp malt hits, bringing about another layer of confectionary thickness which in turn gets evened out by some gingery spices

Transitioning into a clean woodiness with the malt delicately displayed, there are some soft white fruits steadily lingering in the background


Certainly an entertaining dram, brilliant palate with contrasting flavours that somehow exist together in relative harmony.

It’s a wonderful example of how well a twenty something Cragganmore tend to turn out as the age allows the whisky to develop complexity.

As a recommended dram it’s certainly quite highly rated.

☆ [Recommended]