Dram Review: Kingsbury Cragganmore Distilled in Speyside 1989

[58.9%・NAS・Distilled in 1989・Kingsbury Bottling ・Single Cask Release of 305 Bottles]


The nose is held quite tightly with only glimpse of citrus initially in midst of a spicy profile, in time the vanilla sugar becomes more relaxed, splashes of sandalwood and freshly cut grass with the green barley developing notes of burnt toast and molten mozzarella.

Palate & Finish:

The dram comes alive on the palate, a charming burst of vibrant juiciness, sweet lime jelly with cherry blossom and sultana as some dry spices get scattered through out, leading way to the pepper and the oak.

Medium finish, the fruitiness subtly stretches but falls on the light side.


I suppose the spice could be perceived as distorting but it does get somewhat balanced out by the dram’s pleasing fruitiness.  Close to scoring a star.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]