Whisky Review: The Nectar of the Daily Drams Springbank 1994 23 Years Old

Style: Fruity, Sooty and Comfortable

Incredibly clean and crisp mango and green papaya closing in gracefully. A quick icy peppermint ping. Sooty smoke rising quietly, while deep earthy peat gradually stacking up. Balmy fruits casually unwinding with a subtle farm-y hay signatures. Very nice.

Stewed tropical fruits, tobacco ashes and earthy peat braiding together beautifully on the palate. Boiled mangoes, coconut jelly and baked papaya. Mossy touches and medicinal overtone converts into bitter sweet orange drops. Perfect texture, perfect heat enhancing the expression. Earthy notes merge with dark chocolate fudge. Faint hint of hay or meatiness lingers at the back.

Chocolate éclair with extra cacao powder dusting down. A final bite of tropical fruit tart, perfumed eau de vie. Mineral peat to finish.

A different but exceptional Springbank we have here, ultra-clean fruits with an extra dose of earthiness to it. Maybe as Serge said, this should be a Longrow because I agree there is more peat than the usual Springbank(s). Now, this dram might look simple on the surface, but there is something magical beneath which keeps drawing you back to it for more. Maybe it is because everything is at the right place and pace – The fruits, sooty notes and oak all clicked so eloquently and comfortably. Three sessions down and half of the bottle is gone, DANGEROUS! The most easy-drinking whisky I have ever encountered.

☆☆☆ [Most Recommended]

[50.6% • Independent Bottling • 1994 Distilled • 2017 Bottled • Single Cask • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • ***-]