Dram Review: Bunnahabhain Aged 28 Years Cask No. 7713

[43.5%・28 Years Old・Distilled in 1989・Bottled in 2017・Bottled for Kevin & Steve・Cask No. 7713・Single Cask Release of 100 Bottles]


Ultra fruity and stupendously expressive, tropical fruits, Nashi pears, candy floss and some rosemary as well.  Subtly waxy and oily with traces of menthol infused tobacco and traces of orange peels.  In time the nose grows quite powdery and more light floral notes sip out.

Palate & Finish:

A superbly fruity affair, succulent and juicy with plenty of crisp fruits dressed with light honey and apple vinegar.  Some white oak gives the delivery a dry edge but the base is nicely buttered, rather balanced with a crisp malt that’s quite velvety on the back palate.

Medium finish of malt, ginger flower and hint of menthol, traces of fruitiness everywhere..


The fruitiness is quite charming at first but the dram is actually rather deceivingly malty, well picked! I am especially impressed with how Kevin and Steve decided to bottle at a lower ABV in order to accentuate the expressiveness of the nose.

☆ [Recommended]