Dram Review: Bowmore 15 Years Old (Hong Kong Whisky Bars Special Joint Bottling 2018)

[52.0%・15 Years Old・Distilled in 2002・Bottled in 2018・Butler, Club Qing, Ginger, Nocturne, Tiffany’s New York Bar Joint Bottling ・Cask No. 135・Single Cask Release of 100 Bottles]


Very clean and towards the light side, wood staves torched carefully to give a delicate smoke that moves really well with mild floral note and some ocean breeze.  There is a gentle perfume-y note that brings about the hearty malty element.  The peat residue has been delicately placed alongside the vanilla sweetness and becomes a bit more rounded with the fruits in time.

Palate & Finish:

The spice is inherent and quite gingery but also serves to bring out the soft fruits and nougat sweetness over the slightly more masculine peat that runs beneath things.. the citrus marries the creaminess harmoniously as a tiny tinge of soapy bitterness surfaces on the back end.

Fresh barley sweetness and menthol float towards the top, whilst the creamy caramel note sinks to the bottom.. the white fruits only resurfacing much later on..


Quite a wonderfully done Bowmore, to me this is a freckled beauty, bare and au naturel..

☆ [Recommended]


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