Dram Review: Caol Ila 2006 Exclusive for Hong Kong

[46.1%・11 Years Old・Distilled in 2006・Bottled in 2018・如果我們的語言是威士忌, Drink More, 香港威士忌(烈酒)分享站, 香港威士忌同好協會 Joint Bottling・Single Cask Release of 238 Bottles]


Noses like a standard young Caol Ila that is quite well curated and much richer, grassy with ample caramel and vanilla.  As it sits in the glass the peat grows more prominent  with this wholesome charred toast note.

Palate & Finish:

The delivery leads with sweetness, vanilla and caramel combining well with the seaweed saltiness as the harsher elements of peaty Islay hit the palate.  The peat draws out a hint of dark chocolate and Chinese twenty four herbs.

Medium finish, charred toast, herbal and earthy notes, chocolate.


As far as young Caol Ila independent expressions go this one is fairly above board, youthful exuberance instead of being a flaws ridden mess that is simply not ready.. well picked guys!

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]